Contrary to government claims, unhappiness in Singapore is now at its highest with the latest study revealing that only 37% of the Singaporeans surveyed want to live in Singapore. 42% of the Singaporean citizens said they will emigrate if given a chance, while 21% are undecided. The study, named The Singapore Report Card, conducted by leading research agency Ipsos also found that Singaporeans have little regards for freedom.

Surveying 1,050 Singaporeans, only 22% endorse freedom of speech and 14% believe freedom of media is important. Such freedom are valued most by younger Singaporeans aged between 18-29 years old (30%), and elderly at retirement age between 60-69 years old (22%).

Although Singapore’s education system is widely boasted as one of the best in the world, only 24% of the surveyed said they rather have their children educated in Singapore while 56% hope to send their children overseas.

45% felt optimistic about Singapore’s future while an equal 45% are worried.

You may view details of the study here.

The finding deeply contradicts with the Singapore government’s reports which often claim Singapore being the most liveable city in Asia and that the people are generally satisfied with the environment and living cost. However other independently-held surveys like the recent employment survey by Jobstreet which found that Singapore employees are the least happiest among 7 SEA countries, often paint Singapore is a negative light. These international surveys often irritate the dictatorship government which led to the government having to publish reports conducted by their government-linked education institutes like SMU and government agencies.