A recent survey conducted by found that employees are leaving their employers because of weak leadership and them being shortsighted. Most Singapore employees revealed that employers are not willing to invest in training and development, and that bosses are poor leaders.

The same survey was conducted across seven South East Asian countries also found that Singapore employees are the least happiest – scoring only 5.09 out of 10 points in the Job Happiness Index. Among the 3,398 Singapore respondents, 30% said that job hopping is the only way out to improve happiness, 19% said a higher salary while 9% were pining for more recognition from their employers.

Singapore employees currently work the longest hours in the world clocking 2389.4 hours in a year on average. The country’s overtly pro-business environment also resulted in Singapore having the lowest birth rate in the world as the population delay family-building due to work commitments.

Although the Sing-dollar commands a high value over its Malaysian counterpart, its higher cost of living lowered Singapore workers’ cost of living with the island state being surveyed as the most expensive place to live in in the world.