In yet another embarrassing news to Singapore’s sports scene, another Singaporean Olympian talent is considering leaving the country for United States. After being reportedly “delighted” by a 4-year-deferment of National Services, Singapore’s Olympic swimmer Quah Zheng Wen is now considering to leave Singapore to study and train in United States. According to media reports, the Singaporean swimmer is close to former Singapore swimming head coach Sergio Lopez and will likely follow him to Auburn University in US.

Based on preferences of Olympic gold medal Joseph Schooling, Singapore’s swimming facilities and trainers are inferior compared to the United States. The Singapore’s first gold medalist said that it is very difficult to train and live in Singapore.

See interview with Joseph Schooling

When queried by media reporters, Quah Zheng Wen refused to make public his plans but the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) is trying very hard to convince the Olympian. According to current Singapore assistant coach Gary Tan, the Singapore government will go the extra mile to ensure he stays:

“We will be sitting down with Zheng Wen properly following this announcement to discuss our plans. We need to discuss with various parties to make sure that we have the best system and support in place for Zheng Wen, who has proved with his performances that he has so much potential to go even further.”

Currently, the Singapore government spend more money on importing foreign nationals and inviting them Singapore citizenship to represent Singapore. As the Singapore’s sports scene becomes sullied with foreign mercenaries who do not speak English like the national table tennis players, there are hardly any Singaporean support for these “national” players. The Singapore government is however adamant on buying medals instead of investing in homegrown talents, as it continues to seek “potential medalists” in China.