Photo of Kong Hee from Nuria Ling Today

The appeal hearing on Wednesday (Sep 21) in the Singapore court has become somewhat an episode for comedy night with laughters from the floor over the jokes made by two of the three High Court judges. Judge of Appeal Chan Seng Oon drew first blood with the courtroom roaring with laughter when he said:

“There are cheaper ways to evangelise, such as having a Korean-pop concert. Kong Hee can go to the concert and then preach. You can attract a bigger crowd, probably cheaper if you get an events manager. Instead the way it went about spreading its gospel was very extravagant.”

The second Judge of Appeal, Chao Hick Tin, made a subtle reference to Kong Hee’s “asap promise” and wrapped up the appeal hearing saying:

“Given the voluminous evidence during the appeal, the judges would have to give careful consideration and would need time to run through it. We can only promise you a judgment ASAP.”

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