Propaganda by Straits Times

A survey conducted by a Singapore Government-sponsored university, Singapore Management University (SMU), found that Singaporeans are more satisfied with the MRT trains these days. According to SMU, the MRT trains scored a customer satisfaction of 66.4 points this year in 2016 as compared to a 62 points a year ago (2015).

This result is however a little far-fetched given that the number of train breakdowns and delays increased to as frequent as weekly. SMU academia Chen Yong Chang claimed that “train reliability” is a key driver of the “quality”.

“From the data, train reliability and helpfulness of staff were key drivers of quality. And for the operators, we do see them working in the right direction by trying to fix these issues through initiatives like adding more trains, (and) replacing the signals and sleepers.”

According to the SMU survey, all other Singapore transport like taxi services and airport services saw vast improvements as compared to a year ago.

The credibility of SMU has recently been under scrutiny with many speculating that the university is now just like the Singapore Press Holdings, producing fictitious reports to suit the government’s agenda.

Earlier in Feb, SMU linked up with state media CNA to publish a survey which claimed that Singaporeans are racist when it comes to voting. The survey was subsequently used as an argument by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to fix the upcoming Presidential election.