Photo of Yip Pin Xiu from Todayonline

Born with muscular dystrophy, Singaporean paralympic athlete Yip Pin Xiu won her second gold medal today (Sep 16) for the Women’s 50m backstroke S2 category. Clocking 1min 0.33secs, Yip Pin Xiu won the gold medal ahead of silver-medalist Feng Yazhu of China (1:02.66) and Iryna Sotska of Ukraine (1:17.22) who took bronze.

Yip Pin Xiu’s first gold medal last week (Sep 10), in 100m backstroke S2 gold with a time of 2 minutes 7.09 seconds. She will be rewarded with S$200,000 reward for each of her gold medal. The reward amount however pales in comparison to Singapore’s first Olympic gold medalist, Joseph Schooling, who took S$1 million for a gold medal in 100m butterfly stroke category. Members of the public in Singapore have called for the Singapore government to treat paralympic athletes equally and reward Yip Pin Xiu with the same S$1 million prize.

Singaporean Theresa Goh, 29, also won a bronze medal in the Women’s 100m breaststroke SB4 category.

This year’s Olympic and Paralympic competitions saw zero medals by Singapore’s hired-merchants. None of the foreign talents purchased win a single medal for Singapore, and the women’s table tennis team was defeated by homegrown talents from China, Korea and Japan.