Photo of Sun Ho and Kong Hee from Straits Times

In the high profile corruption case of City Harvest Church, former fund manager Chew Eng Han said that he thought that the pastor’s 44-year-old wife Sun Ho is a “mega-star” and thought that she can evagelise non-Christians with her “songs”:

“The logic is Sun becomes a megastar, (holds more) concerts … then she can evangelise. I thought she was a megastar. In reality, the church had bought up unsold stock of Sun’s albums.”

Chew Eng Han said that he attended two of her concerts and even donated S$1 million to the church, and that he was “brainwashed” by Pastor Kong Hee into believing that his wife is a success.

The court room roared with laughter at Sun Ho when Chew Eng Han said: “If this was a conspiracy, it is the worst thought-out conspiracy ever”, with the judge replying “It looks that way to me too.”

The appeal hearing is currently on-going for the misappropriation of S$50 million church funds, given as “tithes to god” by City Harvest Church goers. S$24 million of amount was lost on Sun Ho’s doomed singing career.