Photo from aircargo news

In yet another case questioning the judgments on foreigners, the Singapore Court sentenced a German CEO of multi-national company, DB Schenker Logistics, only two weeks jail for assaulting a Singaporean taxi driver.

At around 3.50am on 24 Sep 2015, a heavily-intoxicated Jochen Thewes, 45, was refused picked up by taxi driver Malcolm Xu at a bar in Club Street. As Malcolm Xu was heading in the opposition direction of Jochen Thewes’s requested location, the latter was declined. The German CEO then started shouting vulgarities and then kicked the door of the taxi.

When Malcolm Xu got off his seat to check the damage, Jochen Thewes gave him a hard slap on his left cheek that resulted in a nose bleed and bruise. When defending himself in court, Jochen’s lawyer said that his client was too drunk to remember anything.

The Singapore judge however sentenced the German CEO to only a two weeks’ jail, in stark contrast to a similar taxi driver assault case earlier in March where a Singaporean was jailed 3 months. Earlier this week, a Singaporean was jailed 2 months for helping other National Servicemen take physical training tests.