Photo of China Singaporeans Feng Tian Wei and Yu Meng Yu from Reuters

Singapore’s favourite merchants from China, Yu Meng Yu, Feng Tian Wei and other China Singaporeans from the Singapore table tennis team are reportedly to be unhappy with the Chairman of the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA). The team demanded to leave STTA’s control and to be managed independently by other associations.

Current Chairman of STTA, former PAP MP Ellen Lee, refused to answer media queries over the heated dispute and told reporters to wait for the post-Olympics post-mortem that is currently underway.

“At the moment, we are undergoing a post-mortem but it has not been completed as some of the players are on holiday. This post-mortem will be as objective as possible as this is about sports in Singapore, and the future of sports here. If there is any unhappiness, it will have to be addressed during the post-mortem.”

According to state media Today, the China Singaporean table tennis team started their disputes from October 2015. China Singaporean player Yu Meng Yu openly argued with her China Singaporean coach, Jing Jun Hong,during the Polish Open. Feng Tian Wei was also involved in the dispute with Jin Jun Hong and the two China Singaporean players requested to change the coach to another China Singaporean coach, Yang Chuan Ning, before that tournament. The STTA then fired Yang Chuan Ning and reassigned a new coach to the China Singaporean Women’s team. Jing Jun Hong was deployed to the youth development team.

Singapore’s China Table Tennis team did not win a single medal in the recent Olympic contest, and has been given cold shoulders by the government and media. The team was beaten by homegrown talents from the Japan team. The China Singaporean players are currently holidaying in their respective hometown in China.