Without a Parliament debate, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote a response letter on the behalf of the Singapore Government accepting the proposed changes by the 9-member Constitution Commission he himself appointed. One of the three key changes include the racist banning of Chinese and Indian candidates in the upcoming election because it is now the Malay’s turn.

“This is why in January I appointed the Constitutional Commission to study and make recommendations on aspects to the Elected Presidency relating to:

1) The qualifying process for Presidential candidates, particularly whether the eligibility criteria for such candidates should be updated, and if so, how;

2) Ensuring that minorities have the chance to be periodically elected to become President; and

3) Reviewing the framework governing the exercise of the President’s custodial powers, including the views of the Council of Presidential Advisers can be given more weight, and if so, how.

The Government accepts in principle your main recommendations on the above three aspects.”

An earlier proposal by the Constitution Commission to scrap elections and allow the Prime Minister to appoint the President has been turned down by the dictator following intense public backlash. Lee Hsien Loong said it will be “extremely difficult” for an appointed President to disagree with the government, but he made no mention about the respect of democratic process.

However, a PAP-endorsed President like SR Nathan and Tony Tan has also shown similar obedience to that of an appointed President. With the presence and empowerment of the Council of Presidential Advisers where 5 out of 8 members are appointed by Lee Hsien Loong, an elected President remains as useless as the second key remains in the Prime Minister’s control.

Lee Hsien Loong’s sister has earlier lashed out at her brother for turning Singapore into a dangerous dictatorship where the government no longer works in favour for the citizens. Critics of the Prime Minister face jail time or bankruptcy in the Singapore court, whose Chief Justice is, again, appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The wife of Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching, is the CEO of the country’s sovereign wealth fund (SWF) company managing the national reserves Temasek Holdings, while he himself sits as the Chairman of the other SWF, GIC. With the President also under his control, Lee Hsien Loong controls all keys of the national reserves and the country’s CPF retirement fund. With the control of the Parliament, Lee Hsien Loong can also rewrite the country’s Constitution as he likes, delay CPF return, lower CPF interest rates return and enjoy free access to the CPF monies.