The 9-member Constitution Commission appointed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that Singaporeans are racist and that most tend to vote for their own race. As such, the committee recommend that a new racist legislation must be enacted in what they called to be “safeguards”. The anti-Meritocracy move is the first in self-proclaimed “uncorrupted” Singapore and mirrors similar racist national policies like that of Malaysia.

“Singapore cannot yet be considered a post-racial society: This is a reality that must be faced, even if it is one that is not to be endorsed.”

This new race-based law contravenes the existing Constitution that criminalises racism. The Constitution Commission even claimed that this new law doesn’t infringe the international law that Singapore signed to eliminate racism.

According to the committee, Meritocracy means lowering eligibility criteria for minority candidates and twisted their words saying:

“The Commission firmly believes that the eligibility criteria should not be compromised.The qualifying criteria are there to ensure only candidates who are likely to have the requisite attributes may run. So long as these criteria remain sufficiently stringent, they will continue to serve their critical function of allowing only persons with the necessary experience and expertise for the job to qualify for President.”

Without providing statistics, it is unknown why the committee “firmly” believes that Singaporeans are racist. The figures should logically remain unknown because voting is secret and the government should not have access of voting result of voters from different demographic and race.

Under Singapore’s existing sedition law, any one would be arrested for proposing views that promote racial discrimination. The Constitution Commission’s proposals made public yesterday (Sep 7) have caused severe discontentment among Singaporeans of the Chinese and Indian races because many felt it is unfair that it is now the “Malay’s turn” to be President. However, it is unlikely the committee be arrested as it is backed by the Prime Minister.