Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook video

In the upcoming President election, Lee Hsien Loong-appointed Constitution Commission proposed to ban campaigning that is not in an approved “white list” and propose to arrest Presidential candidates who do not campaign “responsibly”.

According to the Constitution Commission’s report, election rallies will be banned because it is “not necessary or helpful”:

“A prescribed “white list” of approved campaign methods, such as televised debates or speeches. It is not clear to the commission if the holding of rallies, for instance, is either necessary or helpful in this context.”

It will also be a criminal offense to “ensure candidates do not mislead voters”, and, if President candidates who campaign “irresponsibly” and breach election laws, he will be removed from Polling day and face jail time.

“Such misstatements “may have stemmed from a failure to understand the proper remit of the presidency and in particular, the tendency to see it, mistakenly, as an alternative source of executive policy- making power.

One, requiring candidates to explicitly declare – for example, in their application form – that they understand the constitutional role of the president, before they would be issued a certificate of eligibility.

Two, the act of making promises incompatible with the office of president would be an offence. For example, candidates who promise better public transport or wider healthcare coverage, or who pledge to oppose spending for such programmes, would be breaking the law.”

The Singaporean dictator Prime Minister is very worried a non-PAP-endorsed candidate becomes President and start questioning the amount of national reserves Singapore has. The proposed changes will seek Parliament approval in what many sees as only a procedure as the Parliament is fully controlled by Lee Hsien Loong.