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Government-controlled 154th-ranking Singapore media is playing down the seriousness of Zika virus by posting views from local doctors who have no experience treating the virus. According to state media Today, Zika-related birth defects has low risk and that the statistics by Brazil is wrong. The state media even quoted the doctors saying it “could be due to environmental and cultural factors” without providing any evidence.

In Brazil, 646 birth defects including a disability condition which result in babies being born with an abnormally smaller head. Made without providing any evidence, government-linked Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s Leong Hoe Nam claimed that the birth defects in Brazil is an “outlier”:

“The extremely high rate of Zika-hit pregnancies that result in newborns with deformities in Brazil — the epicentre of an epidemic that is now in 45 countries and territories worldwide — is an outlier. The disproportionately high rates of microcephaly in Brazil could be due to environmental and cultural factors.”

Another government-linked practitioner, Dr Beh Suan Tiong, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist from Thomson Medical, agreed and speculated that Brazil may have poisoned their own people without providing any evidence:

“A new pesticide introduced into water supplies in Brazil to curb the development of mosquito larvae may be a culprit.”

Singapore’s Zika epidemic will likely worsen with the “normalising” of the virus by the biased media and cover ups from the government. The Singapore government covered up the news of Zika-virus and released the details only after some victims recovered on Aug 27 – a day after it announces “the first Zika victim”.