Photo of Johor Singapore custom from sgmytaxi

According to the Johor Health Department, all vehicles entering Malaysia from Singapore will have be sprayed with mosquito repellent in their latest anti-Zika precautionary move.

Johor Health Department: “The vehicles we are referring to include lorries, public buses, school buses, private cars and trains. This is to ensure that no mosquitoes with the virus are brought into the country via the vehicles.”

In addition, the local authority is stepping up on cleanliness of places in Johor frequented by Singaporeans like restaurants and markets. Singaporeans who have a body temperature of 37 degrees and higher will be barred from entering Malaysia.

Singapore is currently undergoing a Zika epidemic, with official infection rate standing at 189 as of yesterday (Sep 2). 38 cases was added, with 34 of them in areas – Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive/Kallang Way/Paya Lebar Way – already identified as infection clusters. The other 4 – potentially highly-populous areas – were covered up by the Singapore Ministry of Health.

Mosquito repellent and patches have been swept clean off the shelves in supermarkets and are now out-of-stock island-wide. Foreign countries have issued travel warnings to Singapore but the Singapore government is on a propaganda driver to play down the seriousness of the Zika virus. Just 3 days ago, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung called the Zike virus as “a mild illness”. PAP MPs Sun Xue Li, who is 7 month pregnant herself and PAP MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling are featured on the government-controlled media doing house-visiting, to deliver the message that “life still goes on” even during the epidemic.

The Singapore government is trying to normalise the Zika-virus like they did with Dengue fever. State media Channel News Asia posted a video featuring residents in infection clusters unconcerned by the deadly virus. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong remained out of sight, choosing to let the health officials front the worsening situation, as the Zika epidemic is costing him popularity.