Photo from rilek1corner

A 9-month-old baby sustained second-degree burns after its carer rinsed his buttocks with boiling water from a tank. The incident happened yesterday (Sep 1) at the Learning Vision branch located at Woodlands Drive 44.

According to media reports, the director of the childcare centre franchise, Ronald Kwong, said that the baby was rinsed with hot water directly dispensed from the tank. The identity of the carer is unknown and the director refuse to respond from media enquiries whether if the carer was certified and trained. The director also did not respond to queries if rinsing a child directly from the water tank is a standard procedure.

Media reporters contacted the parents who declined the Singapore media an interview except to say that they have engaged a lawyer to sue the centre for compensation. When the reporters interviewed government agency, Early Childhood Development Agency, the spokesperson said that they are unable to comment on the case as police investigations is ongoing. Commenting on a police in Singapore warrants a contempt of court charge.

This is the third high profile case involving childcare centres, with two centres in Punggol and Bukit Batok engaging foreign teachers with active tuberculous (TB). A 2-year-old child was infected with TB from the teacher in Punggol.