Photo of Gan Kim Yong from The Straits Times

The Zika virus has now infected three more areas in Yishun, Upper Thomson (Tagore), Simei (Harvey Crescent) as of today (Sep 1), with an infection toll of 151. In addition to Aljunied Crescent, Bedok North and Sims Drive, the infection has now spread to the populous Central, Northern and Eastern areas Singapore. Jurong and Bukit Panjang remains safe as of press time, with zero infection in the less populous Western Singapore.

A second pregnant mother, who also stay in the Sims Drive area as the first infected pregnant mother, was also reported to be infected today. The Zika virus will likely cause birth defects on foetuses and also endanger the life of the mother. Adults who have contacted the Zika virus will see a chance of deafness or brain damage. The virus is easily transmitted by blood contact and the main mode of transmission is via bites from Aedes mosquitoes and sexual activities.

Although the authorities are stepping up on fogging nation-wide, there is a lack of accountability and leadership plan from the Health Minister. Minister Gan Kim Yong is currently avoiding the media and refusing to address the virus outbreak. His counterpart, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, is also silent on a 4-day-consecutive train breakdown problem on Circle Line.

Concurrently, Singapore is also seeing a Tuberculous bacteria outbreak. Two kindergartens, one in Punggol and one in Bukit Batok, and one HDB neighbourhood in Ang Mo Kio, are seeing many infected with latent and active Tuberculous, with victims being mainly pre-school children.