Photo of Ong Ye Kung from The Straits Times

Singapore’s Education Minister Ong Ye Kung may have zero medical training but the millionaire minister remains capable to conclude that the Zika virus is only a “mild illness”:

“Second, Zika is a mild illness. The symptoms are fever, rashes, joint aches, headaches and red eyes. Patients tend to recover after a few days.”

You may read his original post here.

Unfortunately, foreign countries do not buy Minister Ong Ye Kung’s “mild illness” story and has issued travel warnings to Singapore. Spreading lies and untruths is an offense in Singapore, and this time, Minister Ong Ye Kung is clearly guilty. It remains to be seen if the Singapore Police will take action against Minister Ong who propagated the lie through his page of substantial followers.

Along with the mainstream media, the Singapore government is attempting to play down the seriousness of the Zika virus outbreak. Two PAP Ministers, Chee Hong Tat and Tan Chuan Jin, said that the government did not cover up the virus outbreak but failed to explain why detection which happened weeks before the first announcement were not released to the public. PAP MP Tin Pei Ling featured herself on state media, The Straits Times, making house visits in an opportunistic attempt to milk political support.

As of Aug 31, the Zika virus has gone out of control with a count of 115 from 41 in just four days. Among the 24 new victims today (Aug 31), a resident from Bedok North Ave 3 made it to be the first pregnant mother to be infected with Zika. The virus is especially dangerous for the foetus and will likely cause birth defects. Adults who contacted Zika virus face a chance of deafness aside from the usual fever and muscle ache symptoms.

After nearly a week of silence, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong finally spoke up reading an official statement: “Over time, we expect Zika cases to emerge from more areas. We must work and plan on the basis that there is Zika transmission in other parts of Singapore.”