Photo of Gan Kim Yong from thestraitstimes

A foreigner teacher spread Tuberculous (TB) to a 2-year-old in a pre-school, Bridges Montessori Preschool, at Punggol Seventeenth Avenue. Parents of 50-plus other pre-school children have been informed of the bacteria outbreak but only 29 students and 7 staffs were screened last Tuesday (Aug 23) but the results are not out yet.

The nationality of the teacher with active TB is covered up by Singapore’s mainstream media, and this news is also covered up by the Ministry of Health which has not made any announcement of the TB outbreak so far. The infected teacher passed a pre-employment TB test but was diagnosed positive on Aug 12, but that has been three weeks after she started work.

According to the school director, a pre-employment check done at the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association found a “scar” in the trainee’s lungs, and the doctor referred her for further checks. The Singapore doctor had even advised that she could continue with “normal activities” at the time.

This is the second tuberculous outbreak in a single week after a China national teacher was found diagnosed with active TB in a Bukit Batok preschool. The Ministry of Health and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong is silent on the cover up. This is the third cover up by the Health Ministry, following a Hepatitis C outbreak cover up in 2015 and a Zika virus cover up earlier last week.