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Government-controlled state media, The Straits Times, published an inaccurate report on the latest tuberculous (TB) outbreak in a Bukit Batok kindergarten.

According to The Straits Times, the nationality of the kindergarten teacher was covered up and her condition was reported as latent TB.

“SINGAPORE – A pre-school in Bukit Batok has started screening children and staff for latent tuberculosis (TB) on Wednesday (Aug 24), after a teacher was diagnosed with the disease.” – see report by Straits Times

However, according to Today online, the kindergarten teacher was reported to be from China and that her condition is active TB. Active TB is highly infectious while latent TB is inert. Also in the report, the China kindergarten teacher covered up her condition and did not report to her employer.

“The teacher, who has active TB, did not update the pre-school on her condition after she was diagnosed, according to Ms Kua. The pre-school, which has 104 students, was only informed of the TB case last Friday, she said.” – see report by Today

Singapore’s mainstream media is ranked 154th for accuracy and independence. The Straits Times is most affected by bias reporting due to its close link with the ruling party government. There is no free press in Singapore as the government impose heavy-handed censorship laws and often abuse the defamation and sedition laws to prosecute critics.