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Covering for Minister Grace Fu, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong manipulated with words saying that the S$890,000 bin center is not overpaid and that the Auditor-General Office (AGO) is only questioning about the “process the consultancy fees was assessed”.

“The AGO did not conclude that the consultant was overpaid, rather, it was concerned about the process by which the consultancy fees were assessed. MCCY acknowledges that there should have been more detailed documentation to explain clearly the scope and complexity of the consultancy services. The ministry will ensure that such justifications are set out fully in future.”

The high-profile rubbish bin center cost S$410,000 for consultancy fees and another S470,000 for construction. However, there is no mention of police investigation even though this is clearly a corruption case. The consultants who won the job remain unidentified and kept secret by the Ministry.

Legalised corruption is a common practice in Singapore due to the ease of passing laws on a single party rule.

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