Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Xabryna Kek CNA

The elder daughter of deceased dictator Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Wei Ling, slam her Prime Minister brother Lee Hsien Loong for being an authoritarian dictator and that his government differs from the previous PAP.

Lee Wei Ling was taking issues with the newly-passed changes to the Contempt of Court charge, that increases the penalties for anyone who speak out against an unfair judgment. Under the new law, it will be an offence to speak out against the Singapore Court and judges.

Lee Wei Ling then complained about the state of apathy among Singaporeans. You may view the original post here.

“Rather, I am amazed that there has not been more vocal protest by more Singaporeans. A phenomenon I observed this morning may provide the answer. I woke up and stepped out of my air-conditioned bedroom and immediately smelled smoked. I asked my two maids who sleep in bedrooms with their windows open whether they smelt anything smoke and they did not. I called a friend who also sleeps in air-conditioned bedroom and he too smelt smoke as he stepped out of his bedroom. Smell is a sensation that we quickly get used to and then no longer notice it if it lingers for less than an hour. Perhaps, Singaporeans have gotten used to an authoritarian government who until recently had always acted for their wellbeing, and so when another new action is taken, they do not even bother to think whether it may be against their welfare. This current government is not like previous PAP governments. I urged all Singaporeans, and all MPs and NMPs to think through what has been proposed, and also read the many commentaries on the internet.”