Photo of Joseph Schooling

Singapore won its first Olypmpic Gold medal with Singapore-born Singaporean Joseph Schooling. The 21-year-old won the men’s 100m butterfly final this morning at the 2016 Rio Olympics with a 50.39 seconds record beating United States’s swimming champion Michael Phelps. The same event also saw three silver winner at the same time 51.14 seconds.

From media reports, Joseph Schooling is now a first year at the University of Texas. He did not serve National Service as a deferment. Till date, no Singaporean who served National Service has ever made it to the Olympics.

Currently, all of the China-bought Singaporeans in the national table tennis team have lost their singles match – dashing all remaining hopes of Olympic honours for Singapore. The women’s team match will be competed tonight.

Joseph Schooling’s win highlighted the irrelevance of the multi-million government project, Foreign Sports Talent Scheme, where foreigners are purchased and given citizenship to contest in international competitions. The Olympic win has also proven that National Service is a key stumbling block to the growth and development of Singaporean youth.