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A China Chinese thief was identified after he pretended to be a Japanese tourist to purchase a watch with a stolen credit card. Dressed in black coat and wearing a black hat, along with two other accomplices, the bespectacled Chinese thief was heard speaking in China accent but presented a credit card bearing a Japanese name when making payment for two S$8,000 Omega watch. The incident happened last Saturday (Aug 6th) at a luxury shop in Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Road.

The alert Singaporean cashier suspected that the credit card could be stolen and informed the police. He tried to delay the transaction by asking for the passport of the “customer”, but the thief then took the card and left in a hurry. The thieves were identified through the CCTV cameras after police investigation confirmed with the actual Japanese victim that his card was stolen.

The three China thieves were caught in Changi Airport on Monday (Aug 8th). Aged between 48 and 53, the trio are part of a pickpocket syndicate based in China and they flew to Singapore just to commit pickpocketing crimes. Among the items recovered from the thieves include S$29,000 worth of luxury goods and cash of different currencies including Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, US dollars and Sing dollars.