Screenshot from Reputation Institute 2016 Report

According to the latest survey on countries’ reputation conducted by Reputation Institute, Singapore’s reputation fell very near to the “weak” range, with a raw score of 60.12 this year (2016). Although Singapore managed to keep its 20th spot in 70 countries, the raw score has fallen by 0.99 points, inching close to lower than 60 marks which would put Singapore in a “weak” classification.

Measuring government efficiency, economy and environment, Singapore is nowhere found in the Top 10 listing of the Happiness Index and Peace Index. Likewise in the following 7 areas: visit, invest, live, work, buy, study and event organising. Although Singapore ranks 8th in the “least corrupted” section, the country is actually a dictatorship that legalise corruptions like million dollar salaries for ruling party ministers.

You may view the survey here.

This survey signifies a conceited disconnect between Singapore’s perceived reputation internally and how foreign countries perceive Singapore. Based on daily reports from government-controlled media, Singapore is the most corrupt-free country with a strong and efficient government behind its primary success. Most Singaporeans perceive the country positively and also overwhelmingly voted for the ruling party in the 2015 election.

However, many Singaporeans and new citizens may see the country in a positive light, they have very little confidence setting up a family and making long term commitments. The country’s birth rate is currently the lowest in the world at 1.21 in 2014, lower than South Korea’s 1.24.