Productivity chart from SBR

A human resource survey conducted by international recruitment firm Robert Half found that 57% of the Singaporean workers are suffering “inner resignation”, where they are physically present at work but mentally absent. This figure is higher than Australia’s 49%.

You may view the full report here.

The survey interviewed 100 Chief Financial Officers, and the “inner resignation rate” is higher in larger businesses (67%) as compared to 33% in small and medium entreprises. Low salaries, poor communications and lack of development are key areas which are focused upon and identified by the interviewees.

Also in the report, Robert Half recommend Singapore employers to increase salaries, allow open communication, create a positive work environment and treat complains seriously to address the pessimistic climate. Greater disengagement and a lack of motivation creates declining productivity, costing Singapore companies billions of dollars in each, according to a Gallup study in 2003.

Singapore ranks the 4th most expensive city in the world and a key reason why employees are reporting to work is because it is not sustainable to be unemployed. In addition to fierce employment competition from the influx of foreigners, dissatisfaction is contained and employees do not want to be perceived as resisting management.