Photo from Vincent Li Twitter

UPDATE: A third train breakdown occurred along the NSL between 11.40am and 1.47pm. SMRT blame the tracks for the faults.

Singapore is hit by two unrelated train faults – one in the North-South Line (NSL) and the other in the East-West Line (EWL) – today during the peak hours this morning (Aug 2). Public transport operator SMRT reported the first fault between Boon Lay and Joo Koon of EWL at 8.54am and another fault at between Yishun and Woodlands interchange on NSL at 8.58am.

Throughout the ordeal, SMRT lied about the approximated waiting time by giving false expectations of 5 minutes and 10 minutes wait. According to affected commuters, SMRT kept repeating 5 minutes wait, which ended up stretching to 20 minutes. Inaccurate estimation creates greater chaos as commuters choose to “wait it out” rather than seek alternative transport.

Train service for NSL resumed only around 30 minutes later at 9.19am while the NEL resumed services around 50 mins after at 9.37am. This is the third train breakdown in a week, with a breakdown between Bugis and Pasir Ris on EWL happened just two days ago (July 31) on Sunday, while Marina Bay and Marina South Pier on last Tuesday (July 26).

You may view more incidents of train breakdowns in the recent month on SMRT’s Twitter page.

Train breakdowns used to occur once every two weeks on average, and it seems like the breakdowns have caused the average to be a weekly affair. The Transport Minister recently lamented that there is nothing he can do and called for SMRT to simply “copy” Taipei’s transport system.