Photo from Twitter

Responding to corruption allegations, the National Art Council (NAC) defended its S$880,000 rubbish bin center saying that “it was not a simple bin centre to build”. Despite such “complexities”, there was no open tender called and the NAC directly engaged the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall consultants to provide these additional consultancy services.

In a possible cover up preventing Singaporeans from digging further, the consultants are not named.

NAC claimed that they selected the consultants “based on an open tender for the project as a whole” and said that the bin centre was not a standalone project, but part of the redevelopment for the Civic District.

For the S$880,000 price tag, NAC said they compared the quoted fee against fees for other complex projects. However, no example of the “complex projects” was mentioned. Given such pretext, it is hence unknown how many “complex bin center” that costed around S$880,000 were built by the Singapore government.

The Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, refuse to comment on this suspected corruption issue and has instead left the NAC to handle the public backlash.