Photo of LRT from sgtrains

After being publicly shamed for covering up an incident where a faulty train which dangerously sped through three stations and having a malfunctioning emergency button, SMRT spoke up today (Aug 1), some 5 days after the incident, and defended itself saying that the emergency button works only when the train is not moving.

Read here for more details on the incident.

Blaming a faulty antenna, SMRT said that the train did not stop because it did not receive the signal in the three train stations – Jelapang, Senja and Bukit Panjang stations. SMRT also defended that the train was not “moving quite fast” as the affected commuters claimed, and said that the train “did not exceed 55km/h”.

However SMRT did not explain why was the intercom not walking. There is no mention of compensation and the Singapore’s transport authority, Public Transport Council, remained silent on the incident. Fortunately, there was no victim except for the psychological trauma felt by some 20 passengers in the driverless train.

Although Singapore’s public transport has been seeing falling service standards with breakdowns as frequent as fortnightly, this is the first incident which is life-threatening and endangers the safety of commuters.