Photo of Tang Shi Wei from The Straits Times

26-year-old beautician Singapore Permanent Resident, Tang Shi Wei, from China was sentenced to 7 months’ jail yesterday (Aug 1) for helping an international syndicate to scam Marina Bays Sands (MBS) casino. However, a Singaporean odd job labourer who was also involved in the same scam, 64-year-old Seow Piak Long, was jailed 12 months on April 13th.

Along with 2 other China nationals and the ringleader Singaporean 54-year-old Toh Hock Thiam, Tang Shi Wei used counterfeit S$1,000 chips at the casino and exchanged them for smaller denominations. MBS was unaware of the counterfeit chips and found out only a week later. The casino calculated that they lost over a million dollars from the syndicate, and it is believed that there are more not caught.

Toh Hock Thiam was arrested in Malaysia on Dec 31, 2015, and extradited to the Singapore Police. He is currently still in police custody and no bail was allowed.