Photo from Twitter

A rubbish bin centre built on a S$410,000 consultancy fee and S$470,000 by the National Art Council (NAC) has recently become the first  “legalised corruption” causing outcries by Singaporeans. An anonymous Singaporean even created a Twitter account for the bin centre to pay tribute for its “totally worth the price tag”.

Below is a tweet from NAC Bin Centre:

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) which approved the purchase claimed that the bin required “design expertise”. There is however no “unique design” and the NAC’s bin centre is about the standard 12m by 15m bin centre. It cost about S$454 per square foot – more than a new 4-room BTO HDB flat. When the price was revealed by the Auditor-General Office (AGO)’s report, many members of the public ridiculed the purchase and many highlighted that this is blatant corruption. However, the corruption bureau is not investigating the bin centre or any of the cases mentioned in the AGO report scandal.

There is no comment on the corruption allegations from MCCY Minister Grace Fu or Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.