Screenshot from Facebook

CEO of Singapore’s home-grown gaming company Razer, Tan Min Liang, criticised the Singapore government calling them “schizophrenic”, close-minded and “living in the 19th century”.

The CEO was responding to the Singapore government’s consideration to ban Pokemon Go, a popular phone application game around the world. CEO Tan Min Liang said the Singapore government used to ban a very popular first-player-shooting game, Counterstrike, because of it’s violent nature, but lifted the ban only when the people started complaining. CEO Tan Min Liang wrote in his Facebook post saying that creativity is stifled because of such bans by the censorship board, Media Development Authority (MDA).

MDA has been censoring websites that criticise the Singapore government and in recent years, imposed stringent requirements for blogs – including a S$50,000 bond for all internet users who post about current affairs. Popular news site The Real Singapore was forced to shut down and the owners were jailed between 8 and 10 months for trumped-up charges under obscured sedition laws.

States Times Review is set up and based in Australia to avoid unwarranted legal and civil prosecutions from the government. Starting July next year, all civil service computers will be banned from using the internet and only assigned heavily-monitored “internet terminals” will be allowed.

Singapore’s dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the PAP government is worried about the rise of discontentment on the internet, especially so after an opposition GRC team was formed in Ang Mo Kio GRC – the PM’s ward – using internet crowd funding in 2011.