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An 80 year old Singaporean elderly dish collector literally worked to death on Wednesday (July 20) at Adam Road Food Centre. At around 8.30am, cleaner dish collector, Huang Ah Ming, felt unwell and stopped to take a break from work. Huang Ah Ming bought a cup of tea and sat down for a break. However, when a passer-by saw the cleaner sat there motionless and approached him, the latter was found to have passed away.

Working to death is very common in Singapore due to the broken retirement system CPF. There is no Minimum Wage in Singapore and hence the elderly was earning around S$5 an hour for collecting dishes in the coffeeshop. The Singapore government does not care if a Singaporean citizen has insufficient retirement funds and has been depressing CPF interest rate. The government is also currently contemplating removing the Retirement Age after raising it from 55 to 67.

Legalised corruption and nepotism plagued the self-proclaimed “corruption-free” government. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, is the CEO of the country’s sovereign wealth fund company Temasek Holdings. The company has been borrowing CPF funds at rates as low as 2.5% under the Singapore Special Government bond issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to invest in overseas markets. Although bad news have been largely covered up, Temasek Holdings made S$24 billion losses in its latest financial report.

Property prices in Singapore, especially public housing HDB flats, are artificially inflated by the Singapore government by inflating land costs. Younger Singaporeans have to pay exorbitant prices to the government to rent a house for 99 years, taking away a huge amount of capital in the retirement CPF account.

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