Photo from Facebook

Liquidators of the owner of California Fitness gym, JV Fitness, today (July 20) announced that they have obtained the High Court’s order to close down all 3 gym outlets – Bugis, Raffles Place and Novena – by today. The media release said:

“JV Fitness does not have adequate liquid resources to continue its operations and therefore all outlets in Singapore will be closed from today until further notice. The Provisional Liquidators will quickly explore options that may be available to enable the business to operate but for time being, it is necessary to cease the operations of the fitness centres with immediate effect.”

Members of California Fitness who posted on Facebook revealed that the gym has said that no refund will be honoured because a full payment has been made from the bank, and this affects even for those in monthly installment payment up to 2019.

Facebook user Maxine Wong: “Unverified source:- Bugis doomsday, tomorrow. Thats why line gone quiet. Renewed 3 years, 32 mths left. Paid via Credit card instalments. Bank already paid out in full to Cali as the Merchant. Cali said they’re not going to honour any refund, means ill still need to finance the mthly instalments until 2019 without using the gym facilities. Any legal professional members who can provide legal advices & aid? Suggest members like myself to call for collective actions raise to CASE. Thanks.”

There are discussions about going to the Small Claims Tribunal, however the chances of getting a refund from an insolvent company is near-zero.