Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook

After facing intense criticism over his lack of etiquette for cutting a 30-min-long queue, Minister Tan Chuan Jin broke his silence pointing his finger at Opposition MP Png Eng Huat blaming him for stirring hatred and anger.

Earlier on Sunday (July 17), the Social and Family Affairs Minister cut the queue entering Singapore at the Tua Checkpoint despite having went on an non-official trip. His bus was given “expedited clearance” by the Singapore immigration officers. The Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) claimed that such biased treatment for PAP Ministers is “normal” because Malaysian royalty were given similar treatment too.

However, Minister Tan Chuan Jin’s queue-cutting antic faced intense backlash on social media platforms with many criticising him for the lack of manners to queue like everyone else did. Embarrassed by the public backlash, Minister Tan today hurriedly wrote a new note “explaining” his position and complained that the Opposition MP Png Eng Huat is making a big fuss just because of a 30 minutes wait.

Minister Tan then begin his defamatory remarks against MP Png Eng Huat claiming that the latter “politicise” the issue and is spreading hatred and anger.

“But the purpose of his post, and that of his compatriots, was clear. It was not about the old folks. It was aimed at stirring hate and anger, not only to be directed at me, which I can understand politically, but also at my residents and volunteers (who organised as well as helped guide each bus), as well as our officers who secure our borders. It’s unfortunate that he and his colleagues chose to politicise the issue.”

You may read his rant here.