Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from PAP video screenshot

The Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) defended its decision to give biased treatment to Minister Tan Chuan Jin today (July 19) that it is “normal practice” to give clearance to PAP Ministers like members of the Malaysian royalty.

“It is normal practice for ICA to give expedited clearance to Ministers, on both sides of the Causeway as well as members of the Malaysian royalty. Where they travel with others in a group, ICA officers will use their judgment on the clearance process.”

The PAP Minister of Social and Family Affairs was travelling on the bus towards Singapore with a bus load of 20 people, mostly his PAP grassroots leaders. The bus Minister Tan Chuan Jin was on, was allowed to cut the long queue at Tuas Checkpoint by the Singapore ICA custom officers. Incidentally, Opposition MP Png Eng Huat was also a bus trip at the vicinity. Like other private vehicles, his bus queued for more than 30 minutes to cross the bridge. The Minister himself has no comment of him cutting the queue of others.

The move allowing Minister Tan Chuan Jin to cut queue is widely seen as corruption practiced by the ICA. However, the ICA posted on its Facebook page likening PAP Ministers to the Malaysian Royalty, claiming it is “normal” to provide such preferential treatment.

Corruption is non-existent in Singapore because such practices are mostly legalised. This includes the salaries of PAP Ministers – the highest in the world – and winning rate of defamation lawsuits lodged by them – 100% win rate since Independence.