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A female primary school teacher from a top-ranking primary school in Tampines has been relieved of duties after parents of students whom she punished complained of child abuse. The unidentified teacher was reported to have been relieved of her duties after the complains reached the Ministry of Education.

According to the students, the punishments ranged from name-callings like “a bunch of retarded monkeys” when some Primary 5 students forgot to bring their science textbooks, to throwing whiteboard markers at students who are disruptive in class. A parent whose son suffered from high myopia was alleged to be told by the teacher “Too bad you can’t see. Go get new spectacles.”, while other students who went up to the whiteboard to get a clearer view were told “Don’t you have the money to get new ones?”

Another student was told to kneel on the floor beside the teacher after he was found to be disruptive. Another was told to swear with 3 fingers. When the teacher found out that she has been complained about, she allegedly threatened the students. For more details of the abuses, read here.

The Ministry of Education and the school has since relieved the teacher of her duties pending investigations. Gongshang Primary School is consistently ranked in the top 45 since Singapore’s Independence, and was once referred to as “Raffles of the East”.