Statistic from Lucky Tan

Singapore’s birthrate is likely to decline further as the latest statistics registered a lower marriage and higher divorce figure in 2015. There were 85 fewer marriages in 2015 at 28,322, as compared to a year ago. Divorce rate increased 2.9% to 7,522 over the same period.

The official-released Total Fertility Rate for 2015 is 1.24 but according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Factbook, Singapore’s birth rate as of 2015 is only 0.81 – the lowest in the world. The other countries that fare right at the bottom are Hongkong at 1.18, South Korea at 1.25 and Japan at 1.4.

Despite importing more than 2 million people in 20 years shoring up the population figure to 5.5 million, falling fertility rate in Singapore highlighted that the environment and Singapore liftstyle is detrimental to family-building. Foreigners who turned citizens and permanent residents are not giving birth as well.

The key reasons behind Singapore’s falling fertility rate is the Singapore’s exploitative employment climate and high cost of living. Singapore ranks the 4th most expensive in the world but it’s purchasing power per capita is a far-flung 67th. The Singapore government has also unofficially given up on raising birth rate by refusing to implement more tangible pro-family measures, and prefer to import foreigners to maintain the population figures. Importing foreigners is a crucial strategy behind maintaining enough pro-ruling party votes.

There is no comment from the Ministry of National Development and MND Minister Lawrence Wong.