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Vietnamese-Australian, Sonny Truyen, just started as a Vice-President at a Singapore employment portal company for a week, before he was fired for firing off a series of racist and anti-Singapore rants. Sonny Truyen started a Facebook post yesterday (July 11) calling Singapore a “shit country” because there is no Pokemon Go. (Pokemon Go is currently a hype gaming mobile app and is currently available in Australia and New Zealand only.)

A Singaporean, Adelene Kong, responded to Sonny Truyen’s post and asked him if the latter is in Singapore, and Sonny Truyen replied rudely calling Singaporeans like him are stupids.

“I’m Australian, here (in Singapore) because of lack of local talent… youve (sic) done a great job supporting my EP (Employment Pass), locals cant (sic) even read.. just good at mouthing off.. want a recommendation for a helper agency?”

Sonny Truyen’s post then became viral and his boss, Darius Cheung of, dismissed him on the spot the very next day. See comment from Darius Cheung here. However, this dismissal is criticised by pro-PAP and former NMP, Calvin Cheng, who called Darius Cheung a “weakling”. Calvin Cheng, a notorious internal troll who defends the ruling party by defaming its critics, called a weak management and leadership. You may view his rant here:

Screenshot from Facebook
Screenshot from Facebook

The Singapore Police has however not responded and not made any arrest for the seditious comments which clearly were out to wound the feelings of others. Currently, there is no police report lodged against Sonny Truyen so far.