Photo from Mark Cheong The Straits Times

The Thailand authorities today (July 11) announced that they have arrested the infamous robber who made off with S$30,000 from the Holland Village branch of Standard Chartered bank.

Last Thursday (July 7), the Canadian robber fled on foot after pulling off a successful heist in Holland Village around 11.25am. He evaded arrest from the Singapore Police and then left for Changi Airport and arrived in Bangkok at 5.08pm. Three days later on the noon of Sunday (July 10), the Canadian was arrested at his lodging, Boxpackers Hotel in Bangkok. The police spokesperson however did not reveal the identity of the robber except for his nationality.

According to the Thai police, the robber refuse to talk after the arrest and repeatedly demanded to meet an officer from the Canadian embassy. His request was not acceded to because the embassy was closed on Sunday. When queried by the media if Thailand will extradite the robber to Singapore, the police spokesperson said it should be okay but did not specify how long due to the administration procedures and approvals by the relevant authorities.

State media Straits Times claimed that the Singapore government has requested from Thailand for the robber’s extradition on Friday (July 8), two days before the arrest. You may read their report here.

The bank robbery highlighted a lack of accountability by the ruling party leaders, especially Law Minister K Shanmugam who has been silent throughout the incident, and also a general state of compromise on security by the private sector. There was no guard present in the Standard Chartered bank of Holland Village.

*Earlier reports from Singapore media claimed the robber to be Australian or North American. This is inaccurate and STR apologises for the error carried forward.