Photo from Facebook

According to a local Chinese paper, the infamous bank robber at the Standard Chartered bank last Thursday (July 7) is from Canada and has since left Singapore for Thailand.

On the morning of July 7 at the Holland Village branch, the unnamed caucasian robber passed a piece of note to the bank teller written: “This is a robbery, I have a weapon, give me money, don’t call the police.”

The female bank teller handed over S$30,000 in cash and also activated the silent alarm system. There is no armed security in the Standard Chartered bank. The robber then left the country on the same day for Thailand. It is understood the Singapore police is with their Thai counterparts to track the robber.

This is the first ever successful bank robbery in Singapore. The Singapore Police has however not released any photos or revealed the identity of the robber. There is no comment from the Home Affairs Minister, K Shanmugam.