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Minister of National Development (MND) Lawrence Wong today (July 11) said that he intend to increase the proportion of Service and Conservancy Charges (SnCC) collections into each town council’s sinking fund so that they will have more money for lift replacements. Although it remains unknown if this will result an increase in SnCC payment for residents, it is implied because lesser funds will be available to meet the day-to-day operation costs.

“Town councils will carry out pro-active maintenance and cyclical replacement of lifts. For instance, they can analyse lift fault data from the Tele-Monitoring System and their records of residents’ feedback to identify problematic lifts and have qualified management personnel aid in supervising contractors.

However, with these measures likely in increase costs.

The MND intends to require all town councils to set aside a higher proportion of their Service and Conservancy Charges collections into their Sinking Funds, a portion of which will be set aside specifically for lift replacement.”

MND Lawrence Wong also attempted to defend his ministry of the several high profile lift breakdown incidents by claiming that the “average monthly lift breakdown rate has fallen”. MND Lawrence used an incomplete data comparing the period of 2013-2014 and 2015-2016H2 (2nd half of 2016), and claimed that there are only 20 lift incidents per 1,000 lifts every month in the latest period – a 33.3% improvement.

Lift breakdowns took headlines recently because of two high profile incidents where an elderly woman had her hand severed by lift doors due to malfunctioning sensors and, in another incident, an elderly man died from hitting his head on the floor while he was reversing his wheelchair out of an uneven-landed lift.