Photo of foreign workers from Reuters

A director of a construction company was found guilty of 10 charges for collecting salaries kickbacks from his workers and sentenced today (July 8) to only a fine of S$21,000 with no jail sentence. Tan Boon Sing, 51, director of KT Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd, collected S$21,000 in salaries kickbacks from his 10 foreign workers whom he applied S-Pass for.

The offenses were commited between October 2014 and May 2015, when Tan Boon Sing falsely declared the mandated minimum wage of S$2,200 for S-Pass holders by collecting S$800 every month from his workers. Tan Boon Sing instructed his foreman, 44-year-old Indian national Peyarijohn Shekatham, to collect the salaries kickbacks from the workers, and even threatened them that if they do not pay up, they will be sent back to India.

The maximum sentence for each charge of collecting salaries kickbacks is 2 years’ jail and S$30,000 fine. However, the director faced 10 such charges and was sentenced to only a fine of S$21,000 and no jail term. His company has since been barred from hiring foreign workers. This is the second case in recent months after a former company director was let off with only a S$40,000 fine despite facing 20 charges.

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