Photo from SMRT

Singapore’s government-linked duopoly train service provider SMRT conducted its own survey and found that 81% of the surveyors are positive about the company. In a press release of the SMRT survey today (July 4) in partner with government state media The Straits Times, SMRT said commuters “have offered positive responses”.

Train breakdowns are as frequent as twice a week with 2015, clocking 29 incidents in a year. Although the government-appointed SMRT CEO Desmond Kwek, a former army general, failed to turn around the ailing transport system, he is still the highest-paid CEO in the Singapore transport industry at S$1.87 million.

Since the first breakdown in 2011, SMRT and the government’s Transport Ministry have not found a solution to the worsening problem of train breakdowns. Having no idea left, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan recently advised the train network operators to “copy Taipei” after his “study-trip” in Taiwan.

The Singapore government, SMRT and SBS Transit, through the government-controlled state media, is trying to whitewash the embarrassing incidents by going on a propaganda overdrive. Earlier this year in March, the Land Transport Authority published a “survey” which found that public satisfaction hit an all-time high since 2010, a year before the endless cycles of train breakdowns happened. Despite having little or no evidence and internationally-accepted indicators to prove the credibility of their surveys, Singaporeans however readily accepted the reports of the 154th-ranking Singapore newspapers and eventually entrusted a majority mandate in the recent 2015 General Elections.

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