Photo from Facebook

Blatant double standards at work, the Singapore Police today (July 4) refused to arrest 24 Malaysians who carried a 5m long banner protesting against a cheat right outside the Cantonment Police HQ.

The 24 Malaysians were protesting against a Singapore-based investment firm which swindled them of more than S$134,000. The group brought a 5m long banner with a photo of the owner of the investment firm and worded in Chinese: “Cheat swindled our hard-earned money. Give us justice.”

Public protest is disallowed in Singapore, and recently, 4 Singaporeans were heavily fined for protesting in the legal protest site, Hong Lim Park. However, the Singapore Police, who were very well aware of the protest happening outside the Cantonment Police HQ Complex, refused to make any arrest.

Local Singaporeans have long been frustrated at the Singapore government and police for double standards in law enforcement. However, the citizens are muzzled because criticisms will warrant a fine and even a jail term.

As of press time, no arrest has been made.