Photo of Han Hui Hui from Youtube

An internet blogger has been fined S$3,100 today (Jun 27) for protesting at Singapore’s only allocated protest site, Hong Lim Park. Blogger Han Hui Hui, 24, and two others – Low Wai Choo, 56, and Koh Yew Beng, 61 –  were found guilty for protesting at Hong Lim Park “illegally” despite having obtained approval from the National Park. The official charge they are found guilty of is “causing a public nuisance”.

When asked by the court to give her closing statement, Han Hui Hui said: “This case (has) a foregone conclusion…. I think we have said enough in our defence. This case is a political persecution.”

The Singapore judge then went to prompt Low Wai Choo to say his mitigation plea, Low Wai Choo responded in protest: “I don’t think I should be charged. I feel like we’re just like a little bird in your hand now. We’re at your mercy. I do hope that you’ll be more lenient with us.”

Koh Yew Beng refused to plea mitigation, and both himself and Low were fined S$450 each.

Also charged in the same incident, Roy Ngerng was found guilty and ordered to pay a S$1,900 fine. He is also now currently paying S$150,000 in monthly installments after being found guilty of defaming the dictator-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, over an article regarding the Central Provident Fund, and now, under police investigation in another case, where he was alleged to have infringed the country’s “cooling off day” election law.