Photo from SPS

“Officer sayang (love) you, why you no sayang officer?”, said gay Malay Singapore prison warden, Mohamed Faris Osman. The 47-year-old is now charged for molesting his prisoner by groping his buttocks and private parts. The unnamed prisoner from China apparently put up with the warden’s sexual advances twice because he was afraid that his jail sentence would extend. It is unknown if the warden had threatened his victim into submission.

Mohamed Faris is married with three children and has served in the Singapore Prison for the past 27 years. The prisoner was supposed to get married in China after his sentence between April and November last year (2015).

The heinous act was found out only after the prisoner went into depression and was transferred to another cell. The first molest incident happened in July 2015, when te prisoner was assigned to sweep in a cleaning group of 5. Mohamed Faris, the supervisor of the group, caressed the prisoner’s arm.

A month later in August, Mohamed Faris poked the prisoner’s buttocks with his walkie-talkie’s antenna, grabbed and rubbed his buttocks in three separate occasions. In September, Mohamed Faris repeated his walkie-talkie’s antic again and this time the prisoner reported sick for two days to avoid seeing the warden. Later in September too, Mohamed Faris told the prisoner “I love you” before touching his private parts twice. The warden then asked the inmate: “Why you no sayang officer?”

On Oct 16, the warden patted the prisoner’s buttocks while the latter was picking up a box. More molest acts happened on the day and the prisoner refused to work. and he was later escorted to a rehabilitation room. When the prisoner was stripped-search, he cried and revealed the molest to the rehabilitation officer. When interviewed by a prison investigator, the prisoner handed over a letter detailing all the abuse which he earlier wrote as evidence.

Mohamed Faris has since been terminated and is now out on a S$10,000 bail posted by his wife. He faces two years’ jail and a fine for each of 9 molest charges he is facing.