Photo from The Straits Times

A Minimum Wage of S$550 a month will kick off for new Indonesian domestic helper arrivals in Singapore from next week onwards. The mandatory requirement imposed by the Indonesian government comes with a new banking scheme, Household Service Workers Industry Scheme (HIS), and all transactions must be done with an account from Maybank Indonesia.

The HIS scheme will also eliminate transfer fees if the maid change employer and limit employment agency fees to S$1,000, payable of S$50 a month over 20 months. To work in Singapore, Indonesian maids will also need to borrow S$1,700 worth of loan with Maybank to cover the cost of training, passport applications, medical checks and placement fees.

The Indonesian government is stepping up on enforcement to better protect the employment rights of their citizens working in Singapore as the Singapore government has only minimal regards for human rights and employment protection for domestic workers, following several high profile maid abuse cases. The Singapore government does not implement mandatory day-off for foreign domestic workers and is ranked 122nd for slavery in the world.

Other countries like Myanmar and Philippines have earlier enforced such employment rights to protect their people. The Minimum Wage for Myanmar maids is S$450 a month and they are entitled to at least a day off in a month. For Filipino maids, the Minimum Wage is S$550.

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