The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) hired an unregistered doctor from Myanmar in 2013 without doing background checks at its National Cancer Centre. SGH found out that the doctor, Dr Hnin Wai Hlaing, produced fake documents and was not registered under the Myanmar Medical Council (MMC) only a year later in 2014. Upon confirmation from the MMC that Dr Hnin is never on their register, she was terminated in November 2014.

The Singapore Medical Council charged Dr Hnin for producing two fraudulent documents, which she claimed was produced by the Myanmar health authority, in order to be a Singapore doctor. According to the prosecution witness from MMC, Dr Hnin used a registration number of another doctor in Myanmar.

However, the Singapore Court sided with the Dr Hnin and poked holes at the arguments of the prosecution witness who was unable to produce a copy of the registration register, which is still done manually in Myanmar. The district court judge also contended that Dr Hnin had no reason not to register herself with the MMC because she has graduated as a doctor.

It is unknown if there has been any misdiagnosis by the unaccredited doctor.