Photo of Jason Chua from Facebook

After States Times Review covered an article about the possible bias of the Singapore Police, the Police raided the Geylang Bahru house of 46-year-old founder of pro-PAP Facebook page, Fabrications About the PAP (FAP), Jason Chua Chin Seng. The STR article was written on Jun 16 while the raid happened on the very next day (Jun 17). Jason Chua’s mobile devices and laptops were taken away around 9pm on Friday (Jun 17).

However, the Election Department’s Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) who made the police reports on two anti-PAP activists Roy Ngerng and Teo Ser Lung, did not report on Jason Chua. Jason Chua was reported only by a member of the public Augustine Lee Zi Xu.

Pro-PAP Facebook page, FAP, typically defames writers, opposition figures and activists on it’s Facebook page, while actively promoting the ruling party government. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the page’s key promotion figure while his deceased father Lee Kuan Yew is next on it’s list.

Jason Chua does not have a full-time job, and many believe he is working on the FAP full-time on government’s payroll. Most of his supporters are PAP grassroots leaders with many active vested business interests. The ex-Malaysian-turned-Singaporean who did not serve National Service is now under investigation for breaching the Cooling Off Day rule and will face a maximum charge of S$10,000 fine and 1 year jail.

However, most Singaporeans speculated that Jason Chua’s political lean towards the ruling party PAP will help him get off the hook, while Roy Ngerng and Teo Ser Lung will get harsher penalties.