Photo of Jason Chua from Facebook

Update: Internet trolls paid by the Singapore government made multiple reports to take down States Times Review’s Facebook page. The earlier post was removed for “inappropriate content”.

The ruling party’s Facebook page, Fabrications About The PAP (FAP), is under investigation for breaching the Cooling Off Day rule, according to the Singapore Police. On the Polling Day of the Bukit Batok by-election (May 7), FAP posted two articles, one canvassing support for the ruling party PAP candidate Murali Pillair, and the other defaming the Opposition candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan.

However, unlike the other cases of similar offence, the owner of FAP Jason Chua Chin Seng did not have the similar treatment faced by Roy Ngerng and Teo Ser Lung. The latter two had their home searched by more than 6 police officers from the Special Investigation Branch and their mobile devices and computers were taken away for “investigation”.

Jason Chua Chin Seng is a 46-year-old ex-Malaysian turned new Singaporean who is under the government’s payroll to post pro-ruling party articles and defame Opposition candidates. The government-paid online troll, who has no full-time job, openly defames activists, journalists, writers and opposition figures who are critical of the ruling party government. However, he was never investigated by the police or sued for defamation.